Enhancing Your Company's Digital Footprint

Marketing For Small Businesses



Search Engine Optimization: 

Can your customers find you online using keywords that are important to your business? Are you putting up a fight against local competitors or falling short?

From a comprehensive SEO audit to a content strategy and continual website optimizations, we can work together to move your brand up in the SERP.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has 2 Billion daily users - more than any other social platform. 

By leveraging Facebook's extensive data and machine learning capabilities we can work together to create highly targeted ads that are placed directly in the newsfeed of your ideal customer.


Every second more than 40,000 search queries are entered into Google.

Using Google AdWords, we can reach people who have already expressed an interest in your type of business by targeting specific search phrases and keywords that will help you convert more leads.


Ever wonder what sorcery Amazon uses to know which items to place in front of you after a recent visit?

That's retargeting! Or, as Google calls it, remarketing.

Play like Amazon and capitalize on your website traffic by placing branded ads in front of previous website visitors. 

Website Consulting

So you have mastered driving traffic to your site but now what?

How do you convert those lookie-loo's into customers?

By evaluating your website, your lead capture strategy and your overall user experience, we can start to peel back the layers to better understand your customer.

Marketing Strategy

Gone are the days of advertising exclusively in the local newspaper or giant billboards lining the interstate.

Today we are fortunate enough to have the internet, machine learning and advanced targeting to hone in on your intended audience.

With a well-thought-out marketing strategy, the digital world is your oyster! 

What Am i all about?

B Shur Consulting | Small Enough To Know You

Ever call a 1-800 number just to be placed on hold for what feels like a lifetime until you reach a complete stranger on the other end? That's one thing when it comes to your cable company but it's another when it comes to your business. With only a few select clients, I take the time to get to you know you, your brand and your goals.

 I promise, you won't ever have to listen to elevator music when you call.

Experience, Passion & Dedication

Digital marketing is my passion. Tracking down your ideal customer/client in a digital world, that's a challenge I will gladly accept.

No matter how "niche" your intended audience may be, together we can track them down!

Strategy = ROI

Business acronyms are overused...except for one, ROI. 

Anyone can throw money out a car window, but with strategic marketing plans and delivery, I will use tangible data to understand how our digital efforts are impacting your bottom line. 

What Are you waiting for?

Kick your business up a notch


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